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Hello and welcome to the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club - Membership Application Information

About Club Membership

Membership costs:

£33.00 per UK resident member per year.
£36.00 per overseas resident member per year.
+ £5.00 joining fee. This fee is a one-off charge as long as your membership continues unbroken.
Membership give you access to all the Club’s activities, rallies, runs, dinners, a discount off spares bought at the VOC Spares Company Ltd., the Members’ website, the Members Only section of the Club Forum, and the Club’s monthly journal, MPH

Nominated Membership costs just £6.00 per person per year.

Nominated members receive the same benefits and rights as Members, but do not receive the journal MPH.
Nominated Members cannot apply on their own behalf; they must be included (nominated) on the application form of a Member. Nominated Membership is restricted to persons living at the same address as the Member.

Family Membership costs just £1.00 per person per year.

This is a token offering aimed primarily at the children of Members or direct family relations who from time to time attend Club gatherings, having only a passing social interest in the Club but who nonetheless enjoy belonging.
Family membership confers no rights or entitlements on the Member concerned.
Family Members cannot apply on their own behalf but must be included on the application form of a Member.

Period of Membership

You have the option to join for 1 year.

The Club’s Membership year is calculated as from 1st January until 31st December.

Part-Year Membership

1 year membership applications received during the months July to September inclusive will be charged at the reduced rate of £20.50 for the UK Member and £22.00 for the OS Member, £6.00 for each Nominated Member, £1.00 for each Family Member, plus the £5.00 joining fee. The membership period will expire on December 31st 2019.

All applications made between 01 November and December 31st will effectively get this period free and the start date of the Membership will be calculated from 1st January.

NB: No refunds will be paid for any Membership that terminates mid-term.

At some Club events riders of motorcycles will be required to be Members or Nominated Members.


Online payments may be made ONLY by the following Credit/Debit cards: Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / Solo / JCB. Pricing & payment is in Great Britain Pounds.

Session Time

It is very important that from start to finish you complete this form and make payment within a 30-minute period. If you take longer, there is a risk that the session or payment page will time out and your attempt at payment will fail, so please have all your information to hand before progressing. If you do not have all your information to hand now then please close this site and return when you do have it. If you have multiple tries you are advised to clear/empty your browser cache between each try.

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Club Rules.


If you have difficulties or questions related to the Application Form or about Membership please Contact Us