Information on the Spares Company

The VOC Spares Company Headquarters

The VOC Spares Company Limited was formed in 1975 by the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club as the major shareholder to safeguard the supply of spares. It is located in Kettering and is open 6 days a week - visitors welcome. Ian Savage is available to help and assist.

The parts are manufactured to modern drawings and information supplied by the V.O.C.'s Drawing Project via their Technical Committee. This ensures that current material specifications meet or exceed the original specification as well as making sure that the parts are correct for design, tolerances and finish.

Quality checking procedures are in place to ensure that all parts supplied fully meet the drawing requirements. The Company's Directors are all Club Members with many years practical experience on all models.

When formed in 1975 the main emphasis of the Company was in providing replacements for the wearing parts on machines still in use.

The scope of the Company has now widened and its present aim is to ensure that any Vincent in whatever condition can be rebuilt as new to its original specification. Access to proper drawings has enabled it to retool a number of items unobtainable since production ceased in 1955 and commission others such as clip fitting Type 29 carburettors from the original manufacturer.

The all-new 8" Front Brake arrangement manufactured by Hugh McAllister, and now available exclusively from the VOC Spares Company Ltd. This direct replacement requires no modification to the wheel, and gives a 100 per cent increase in friction (braking) area.

The fullness of its inventory was demonstrated by the build of the 07 registered Black Shadow. For those who wish to further develop their Vincent the Company stock a range of improved products.

In 2006, the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club sponsored the build of a brand new Series 'C' Black Shadow. It was built on their behalf by Club Member Glyn Johnson. Every part was new supplied or sourced by the VOC Spares Company Ltd. Completed late in 2006, passed its single type approval tests in February 2007 and issued with an '07' plate. After much favourable comment in road tests by the classic press, it was auctioned by Bonhams and now lives with a VOC Member in New Zealand.

This machine amply achieved its twin aims. For the Club, it has proved that the Vincent is still a practical road machine as spare parts are no problem; for the VOC Spares Company Ltd., it has totally proved the fit and function of all its products. It also shows that any Vincent however incomplete is a feasible rebuild.

The VOC's 2007 'new' Black Shadow.