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Although the Renewal Forms have been included with your October MPH
(due to personal circumstances)  you should note that the Renewal period
does NOT start until 1st November.
You should delay your renewal until the 1st November






Update to Whitakerpedia

  We are updated the information in WhitakerPedia up to MPH823.






Website upgrade

The website has a new look.
Use the menu or click on a topic on the home page to move around the site.
Now the Members Only site has been incorporated into the normal website.
For members of the VOC you just login (at the top of the Home page)
to reap the rewards of your membership.
To join the VOC click on Join the VOC at the top of the Home page.






Trip across America on R 66

     The trip across America was an adventure.

     We started in Chicago and ended in Los Angeles.

     Along the way my brother, Harvey, and I battled to

     keep our Series A Rapides oiltight!

     Read more







Series A Rapides in Tasmania

NEAL VIDEAN,          HARVEY,                   ME,               PETER BENDER,    RODNEY BROWN
NEW REPLICA          NUMBER V1070        V1027           V1053                       NEW REPLICA