Machine Registrar Services

             Why not consult our Machine Registrar if you want to find about about a particular machine?

             Our Machine Registrar holds all the factory records up to 1954, including dispatch records.

             So, if you want to know whether a machine is 'as it left the factory' or you require a certificate

             for UK DVLC purposes, please get in touch with the Machine Registrar (in some cases there may

             be a fee).

              Contact Machine Registrar

              The following photographs show where to find the various numbers from your machine.



        the engine number is stamped on the crankcase just below the VINCENT 






       the crankcase mating number is between the cylinder, on both halfs

       of the crankcase








       the frame number is on the steering head. The number in this position
       is the number used by the DVLA[UK] for all official records (MOT and
       Registration documents).








       the frame number is also on the rear frame member, on the left hand side