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Brampton Forks

Brampton forks are available.
These are new.






Crankcases - Comet

  Exclusive to the VOC spares Co.
  Fancy a big bore and dont want to use your original cases?






Primary Cover

  but polished.
  601 pounds 






Carillo Con-Rod

 5mm short
Used on big bore engines where the stroke is lengthened as well.
449.44 pounds (GBP)






Burman gearbox links








New headlugs back in stock






Do check out the Spares Co web

Looking for Vincent Regalia?
Looking for Vincent Spares main website? 






Annual Rally - More Directors

Update: all the Spares Co Board are going to Kirkby Lonsdale for the Annual Rally:  Arthur Farrow and Tim Kingham will also be there with a couple of machine each.  We expect to have a small "presence" too.  Look forward to seeing you all there






Spares Co at the Annual Rally

The Annual Rally is coming up and at least three of the Spares Co team are attending.  Most important, Ian Savage will be there with a vehicle and can bring parts up if you need them.  He wont be offer a support service, but if you pre-order that should be fine.
Also Malcolm McKenzie and I will be there  - we are Annual Rally newbies so are looking forward to good weather, good beer, and well-behaved motorcycles.






Update from the Spares side

Thanks to Bill Parr and others we have the ability to create specific material for the website and to update it regularly.  I am Tony Milbourn and I am the VOC Spares Liaison officer.  What this means is that I sit on the Board of the Spares Co and on the Exec of the club.  My job is two-fold: to try and make sure that the Spares Co is a success, and to try make sure that the Clubs interests are well represented.
You will have seen from MPH that there was a recent AGM, where Arthur Farrow hosted a short formal, and longer informal, meeting.  
The finances of the Spares Co were reviewed in a recent MPH: 2016 saw a turnover of more than £500k and a modest profit.  Just where we want to be.
I would encourage everybody to use the Spares Co, it is there to provide the long-term supply of quality components for our Vincents.  The more you buy from the Spares Co the more we can invest in tooling and stocking for the long term.