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Through The Chair
Stuart Wood
Spring is really close now, and I`m feeling good about Club events this summer. My bike has new tyres and fresh oil and is raring to get out on the open roads. I`m really looking forward to a mix of UK, European and hopefully a California trip in late Spring. We have already signed up for the French Rally and the Italian Liguria Rally and are planning to be at this year`s Bill Hancock Rider`s Rally, the Annual Rally and the Hever. The Coventry Section, as always, has a full calendar this summer as well so we`ll be really busy.
It`s the BMF`s 60th Birthday this year, and there is a celebration "Birthday in the Borders" weekend rally in mid-May. A number of your Executive Committee will be in Poland that weekend for the Polish Rally. Sadly, with work, I can`t commit to the Polish journey and rally. I will be going up to the BMF event in Innerleithen to represent the VOC and to enjoy the riding in the Borders. Is anyone interested in getting a few more Vincents there to represent our Club?
Please don`t forget my request for you to get involved with our General Committee Meeting on 1st March at our Headquarters building in Desborough. The more Members actively involved in shaping our Club, the better.