Club Organisation Information

Executive Committee

Day to day management of the Club is the responsibility of the ten Officials who together make up the Executive Committee. Their responsibilities are discharged according to the authority vested in them by the Rules.

The Executive Committee meets four times a year. The Officials retire by rotation; a third of them retire in each year.

General Committee

The General Committee is composed of one representitive from each Section of the Club (usually the Section Organiser), together with the members of the Executive Committee. The General Committee meets twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn.

The General Committee has powers...
to hear reports from the EC on the running of the Club
to endorse or to challenge the actions proposed by the EC
to authorise actions that the EC is not competent to authorise
to ratify the formation of new Sections
to approve the winding up of defunct Sections
to refuse Club membership
to approve or reject Subscription Rates proposed by the EC
to consider which member, if any, be put forward for Honorary Membership in any particular year
to convene Special General Meetings (SGM)
to appoint or nominate members to represent the Club on outside bodies
to appoint and delegate powers to sub-committees
to resolve local disputes within or between Sections
to appoint Organisers of Non-Territorial Sections
to ratify the Club's Annual Accounts
to authorise expenditure of up to 25% of the Club's assets
to adopt the Club's Reserves Policy after recommendation by the EC
to appoint the Club's stockbroker
to interpret the Club's Rules
to make recommendations to the AGM, relating to changes in Club Rules
to select the Club's Auditors

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is the supreme governing body of the Club. It may exercise all the powers of the GC, and the EC, and may over-rule decisions made by those committees.

the AGM's role and powers include...
to elect Honorary Members by two-thirds majority
to agree changes to the Rules
to hear reports from the EC on the running of the Club
to accept the Annual Accounts of the Club
to ratify another five year term for the Club President by a simple majority
to elect any Vice-Presidents of the Club by two-thirds majority
to ratify another five year term for a Vice-President by a simple majority
to ratify the Organisers of Non-Territorial Sections
to hear appeals against disciplinary measures or expulsion from the Club