Chairman's Article from MPH

Through the Chair - April 2016

Jacqueline Bickerstaff

Probably the biggest news this month occurred outside the Club, with the death of John Surtees, which has achieved nationwide coverage. For anyone who does not know (which would be difficult), John started his career on Vincents although it was not long before his talent showed through and he was signed up by Norton, won world championships there and for MV Agusta, then moved on to cars and won another on four wheels.
His father, Jack Surtees, was not only a dealer, but also a sidecar racer, so young John was a racing passenger even before he was a rider. Dad got him an apprenticeship at the Vincent Works, where he built his own Grey Flash with which he made his initial mark (he also rode a Works' Grey Flash). He did start building a Twin, but did not finish that until after he retired! However, although the Club rarely saw him, he was always proud of his Vincent connection, and often took that Twin to events. Hopefully somebody better qualified than I will write a proper obituary for MPH.

As a Club we have also regrettably lost our German Honorary Member Kurt Schupp since I wrote my last column, although others did manage to report it last month. I attended to a number of the German Rallies and can vouch for the welcome received, and the quality of Kurt's museum.

As for Club news, last weekend (as I write) was the spring General Committee Meeting, for which there was a good turnout - my thanks to all the Section Organisers and representatives who came along (two representing overseas Sections I am glad to say, although more would be welcome). There was nothing very controversial to discuss, which is frankly how I like it! However, that doesn't mean nothing is happening, and the diary is full of places to go and things to do. There should soon be some information in MPH about the next International rally - which is only around two years away, so start thinking, saving, or booking your holiday from work!