Chairman's Article from MPH

Through the Chair - March 2017

Jacqueline Bickerstaff

The Club Executive Committee holds a longer than usual meeting in February, to permit in-depth discussions on the year ahead. Those who are prepared to fund a hotel stay meet the preceding night for dinner (the Club only funds the following day's meeting facilities and refreshments) - this also provides a bit of 'team building'. Our Hon. Social Secretary found a venue near to Shepton Mallet and the Bristol Classic Bike Show so that we could attend and see how the new organisers of the VOC stand got on. As I find a one day round trip to the show is somewhat arduous now, this arrangement suited me (although my apologies to the couple who also offered me local accommodation).

It was good to see a VOC presence at the show, and congratulations to the Dorset Section for taking it on and doing such a good job. Even with the loss of two Series 'A' Twins (there should have been FOUR, but those irrepressible Bowden brothers have managed to mislay their pair somewhere!) the stand was still impressive, with 'Mighty Mouse' taking pride of place. Vincents are easily represented as a row of post-war Twins, but the Dorset team managed to produce more variety and history. I hope the Section will consider doing it again for us next year.

There was nothing very exciting to report from the meeting, although discussions were not always uncontroversial or short, making closure late (again). The Hon. Treasurer is very busy at this time, trying to finalise the Club accounts, which are still complicated by the 2015 International (eg. no reply from e-mail addresses regarding refunds!). With Sterling and Euro accounts, current and investment, an investment portfolio, and endless other things to look after the committee is lucky to have someone as competent as Antony to keep the Club on the straight and level, and take us through it.

Although Gill, our Hon. Secretary, does an immense amount of 'nuts and bolts' work, there was nothing too exciting to report from her, and (some of) the Hon. Editor’s work you see in print every month - but that didn't stop him having a say on most things.
Bill Parr, our Hon. Technical Officer, showed some of the 3D printer prototyping results whilst reporting on the Tech. Committee progress - which Comet owners will be glad to hear is putting more effort their way now much of the Twin work is done. Bill is also involved in the Club's IT, although it shouldn't be his job and we really need another volunteer to manage that (see Gill’s report directly following mine for the vacant 'Computer Officer' position).
The bits Members are most involved with are the events, masterminded or scheduled by our Hon. Social. Secretary Peter Appleton and Hon. Information Officer Paul Adams. The diary shows a good selection of rallies and shows throughout the year, mostly actually run by various Sections (thanks guys). Rallies are mainly for Members, but shows are also a 'shop window' for the Club. There is always new stuff in the pipeline, for example the next 2019 International Rally is firming up as a two-stage rally (participation in both is optional) and particulars should start appearing in MPH soon.
Message — the Club remains busy, but we are always in need of volunteers and assistants!